Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wow, what life has in store with a 1 year old in the house.

Life has been so busy for that last several months. It is really amazing how busy we are with a little one in the house. Our lives have always been busy, they are just now enhance by chasing a toddler around. It is so much fun! There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in front of the toy box playing Little People for what seems like hours. Loral has such a sweet and funny personality. She laughs and cracks herself up all the time. She has really started trying to repeat things we say and do. She is walking ever where and now trying to run especially if she has something she's not supposed to. We celebrated her 1st birthday a month ago in Las Vegas. I went for the National Conference for Surgical Techs and Matt & Loral came along for a little vacation. Lets just say, it was nice to go to Vegas to say we've been but not sure I will go back. I am working on updating pictures on our shutterfly site, if you have not checked it out or don't have the link here it is.
take care