Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recent Ultrasound

4D Ultrasound

Matt and I went for our 4D ultrasound today at Baby views in Little Rock. It was really neat to see the difference in the regular ultrasound and the 4D. Baby Loral looks precious and everything is measuring great. She is estimated to weigh about 3.5 lbs. So at this rate she will not be a low weight baby, but she looks pretty narrow. It was so much fun seeing her fat little cheeks and little nose. She is still breech which I am sure will change of the next few weeks. So, it seems that it is her head and foot that enjoy my ribs and her little bottom that likes to bounce on my bladder. I have really enjoyed being pregnant and love all of her movements even if they are uncomfortable at times. The time really has flown by and it will not be to much longer until she is here with us, in our arms, in our home. We can't wait! Hope you enjoy the pictures. The first few are from our ultrasound on the 6th, the rest are from today.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

28 weeks and counting down

When I think about the last couple of years and all that has changed I realize 1) how blessed we are and 2) just how fast time flies. I can not believe I am already in my 28th week. Time seemed to drag at the beginning of my pregnancy and now it won't slow down. To think that she is big enough now to make it in the outside world is crazy! But, to think that it really isn't much longer until she is really due to arrive is mind blowing. We had an ultrasound today. She has grown so much over the last 8 weeks, I took a quick look at her 2 weeks ago and she has even changed since then. I know I am probably more excited than some, but after everything that has gone on and the thought of never having this opportunity it really makes me appreciate it that much more. Yes, I even appreciate the way she has now found my ribs, I think she likes #6 the most. It does get uncomfortable at times, but it is okay. From what we can tell she is beautiful, pretty lips and face, cute little chin, pop-belly (which reminds me of Hannah & AnaGrace when they were little). From the measurements it looks like she has her Daddy's short legs, but that will probably change with time.
We are scheduled for a 4D ultrasound on the 18th and we are so excited. I have seen a few pictures of some friends babies but I have never actually seen one, it will be so cool. We should be able to tell more what she looks like then. We will share pictures from both ultrasounds.
We are supposed to be getting some nasty weather tonight and tomorrow so I am heading to bed. Sun, rain, sleet, snow or ice the Operating Room is open and I have to be there. I did get lucky Tuesday when it snowed I was already off so I got to hang out at the house and rest all day. It was great!