Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby Loral


Loral turned a month old yesterday. It is so hard to believe our first month has come and gone. Time is going so fast. She is changing everyday. She is more aware of her surroundings and likes to look at Matt & I. She has started cooing and smiling a little more. Last weekend we took her out to eat and then to a birthday party, she did great except she was exhausted and cranky come picture time. Sunday morning we went to breakfast with her Mimi & Pop. She was the eye catcher, everyone had to stop by the table and let us know how cute she is. That was no news to us, we think she is the prettiest baby girl in the world. This week started off good but ended on a sad note. Matt's 95 year old Grandma pasted away. We will all miss her dearly. Matt and I are both sad that she never actually got to meet & hold Loral. Somethings just happen before you are ready. She lived a great life and we all have many memories to get us through the rough days.
Loral had her first photo session last weekend as well and instead of emailing out all the pictures we are just going to add a slide show. If anyone wants copies of any of them email us and let us know which one.
Please pray for our family as we deal with the loss of Grandma. Pray for our friends who are adopting their little girl she is supposed to be born Monday, that she be healthy and everything goes smoothly. Please pray for all of our other friends and family members that are pregnant that they have healthy deliveries and babies. Please pray for us as new parents.
Until next time--MALS

Monday, June 16, 2008


The First Father's Day

Yesterday was Matt's first father's day with the new baby girl. The day started off great she slept for 5 hours straight woke-up at 4am nursed got a clean diaper on and then back off to sleep by 4:30 for another 2 hours. Matt then got up with her to spend a little Daddy time with his new favorite girl and I got to sleep a little longer. That was a nice treat for me since I am usually the only one getting up with her right now. Matt had worked a long week and hadn't been able to spend much time with Loral or myself, but it was Father's day so she got her turn first. I rolled out of bed and preceded to make breakfast for the new dad. Of course, she was also ready for a little more breakfast herself so I had to feed her and eat at the same time. I am getting much better at multi-tasking while nursing or holding her. Anyway, she drifted off to sleep and I laid her down in her crib where she slept for 2 1/2 hours. I was so proud, she usually wakes right back up after I put her in her crib. At night she sleeps in the bassinet in our room and for the first week or so when she would take a nap I would fall asleep holding her. I didn't want her to get used to only sleeping on me so I started laying her on a blanket in the floor. She slept pretty good there for a few days so I have now started putting her in her crib for nap time. She is a tummy sleeper during the day but I don't trust her at night yet so she has now moved from her back to her side at night. I know they tell you not to do either of these things, but that is the only way she will sleep consistently. Now that I have rambled on back to where I was going with her nap. With her asleep Matt and I were able to spend some time together watching TV and laying on the couch. No, I know it was nothing spectacular but it was nice, quite and just the 2 of us. After the princess arose from her sleeping slumber she put on her special I love Daddy outfit and we gave him the gifts we had bought for him. After that we headed to my folks for lunch and then Blake & Bob's for dinner. It was a fun day but we were all exhausted when we got home. Which brings we to my next story. After a long day and being handled by everyone, Loral needed a bath. I started the water and Matt put her in the tub while I changed clothes. From the bedroom I hear what appears to be jets going off in her little baby tub. This is not an elaborate electric tub, so I ask what was going on and through Matt's laughter and disgust he informs me that she has pooped in the tub. Not, just a little but a lot and so we have to let all the water out and start all over again. She wasn't bothered to much by it, she still lounged in the tub like an old monkey in a hammock. She really loves taking baths especially getting her hair washed. She has changed so much in the last few weeks. She as of last Thursday weighs 8lbs 5.5 oz. Her chubby cheeks are just getting bigger by the day. She hasn't lost much of her hair and it is already lightening up. I would bet money she will have blonde hair before to much longer. Loral is holding her head up and is gaining better control over laying it back down but she is still wobbly. When she lays down on the floor her arms and legs start moving like crazy. It is so neat to watch her change even from day to day and I am trying to take it all in. We have taken so many pictures of her already, but she is just changing to fast and I don't ever want to forget this time in our life as a new family. Well that is all for now, she is about to wake up from her afternoon nap. I will post some new pictures of her, we are having her pictures made this weekend so I will post some from our session later. Have a great week!