Sunday, December 13, 2009

It is Christmas time at our House

Loral loves singing and has learned many of the hand motions that go to certain songs. We were singing "If your happy and you know it" while taking a few pictures by our tree.

Loral was a pink monster for Halloween and was the most adorable monster ever. She enjoyed seeing her friends dressed up as well. We didn't really trick-or-treat, we did go to a thing at church and then visited the grandparents. That was enough for her.

Checking out her Halloween goodies.

It is so hard to believe that it is Christmas again. It seems like we were just celebrating. Although when I look at Loral and see all that she is doing these days I realize how much has changed since last Christmas. We have had a disaster at our house and hope that it will be fixed soon. Our external hard drive that we purchased to keep all our pictures and videos on is not working. So for now we have lost all the pictures we have taken over the past several years and all the video we have of Loral from last Christmas to now. It has been hard to deal with, I understand now what fire victims feel like when they loose all their pictures and videos. It is awful!

On another note Loral is growing and changing constantly. She repeats just about anything that is said to her. We started working on potty or pobby training as Loral calls it. She is very excited about all the christmas lights and enjoys rearranging all the presents under the tree. Christmas morning is going to be so much fun at our house this year. We have had an Elf around our house and Loral looks for him in his previous location and then calls for "Els". It is really cute the way she has picked up on different things. If you ask her what Santa says she replies "Ho Ho Ho Christmas" So sweet.

Hope the season is finding you all well.....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally remember my password....

Loral has a few boyfriends, this is her Ca-Ca (Conner) he lives across the street. She loves going to see him.
My sweet baby monster!
We were able to get a few quick shots before she wanted to go move more pumpkins around.

Relocating the pumpkins on the front porch.

It is amazing to look a this picture from last halloween and see how much she has changed.

So, I know I haven't posted anything in a long time on here. I have tried but had forgotten my password. I am sure many of you understand that. It seems like there is a password for everything. Next thing you know you'll need a password to get in the bathroom. Things in the Shapter house have been very busy. Loral is growing so fast and she is just a joy to be with. Her vocabulary grows every day. She loves making animal noises. I called on my way home from work last night and all I could hear was "quack-quack-quack" followed by "neigh-neigh" followed by "moo-maooo". By the time she had made it to the cow, the cow had a little attitude. She wakes up in a great mood most mornings. Although some mornings she does not want to get out of bed.....I totally understand that. We had a great Halloween, she was an adorable pink monster. This is my busy time of the semester. We just started checking off or trying to check off our students on their Sterile Field set-up so they can progress to clinicals after Thanksgiving. Matt and I are looking forward to the Holidays this year. Christmas will be a blast with Loral and we can not wait to see her opening presents. I just hope that of all the holidays I may work this year Christmas Eve night will not be one of them. I should know sometime soon! Hope you are all doing great. Sorry it has been so long since my last post.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wow, what life has in store with a 1 year old in the house.

Life has been so busy for that last several months. It is really amazing how busy we are with a little one in the house. Our lives have always been busy, they are just now enhance by chasing a toddler around. It is so much fun! There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in front of the toy box playing Little People for what seems like hours. Loral has such a sweet and funny personality. She laughs and cracks herself up all the time. She has really started trying to repeat things we say and do. She is walking ever where and now trying to run especially if she has something she's not supposed to. We celebrated her 1st birthday a month ago in Las Vegas. I went for the National Conference for Surgical Techs and Matt & Loral came along for a little vacation. Lets just say, it was nice to go to Vegas to say we've been but not sure I will go back. I am working on updating pictures on our shutterfly site, if you have not checked it out or don't have the link here it is.
take care

Sunday, February 22, 2009

March is almost here

It is now Feb 22nd and the first 2 months of this year have flown by. Loral will be 9 months on Saturday. She has 2 teeth and a 3rd on the way and is crawling everywhere, she even pulls herself up on the couch. Since I started working nights I have had so much more time with her. I was unsure at first if I had made the right decision for our family but things really seem to be working for us now. She sleeps much better at night now and usually wakes herself up around the time Matt gets ready to go and get her. She still wakes up most mornings in a great mood and excited to see us. She loves eggs and that has now become a staple in her morning routine. She is also eating lima beans, black eye peas, green beans, green peas, cheerios, graham crackers, diced peaches and oranges. She had her first grill cheese sandwich today and loved it. If it can be diced small enough for her she will pretty much try it and most of the time likes it. I think she is growing tired of carrots so we are giving them a break for a week or so. I did find some organic frozen sweet potatos and butternut squash that she likes, we are lucky that she is enjoying the new veggies it makes the dinner selection much better and hopefully she will continue to like her veggies as she continues to grow. One of her friend's Josue turned 1 last week so she is going to his birthday party this afternoon. We still have playdates when we can not everyone's schedule is open on the same day so JT and Brandie were over a few weeks ago and Abby and Rebecca came to play yesterday. It is so funny watching them play and interact with each other. It does seem to take them just a little bit to warm up and then they are all into each other and playing with the toys. Loral does like to take toys away from them and it is usually the toys they brought not hers. We recently had to purchase an external hard drive to hold all of our pictures we were storing close to 10,000 pictures on our computer from the past few years. Now that they are switched over the computer is running much smoother, but I can't locate any of the pictures in a hurry. But I did manage to find a few of her crawling hope you enjoy them.