Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010 on Jan 2, 2011

So, I finally sat down to blog but I could not get logged in because it has been so long, I forgot my pass word. I had to reset it, which is the story of the password war. It is now the second day of the New Year and I am now in front of the computer again. To say the least 2010 was a very crazy, roller coaster year. We started 2010 unsure of where Matt would work once Progressive Foam closed in Conway. In February he started his new job in Gravette, AR out side of Bentonville. With the new job we made plans to move our family to Bentonville and I then began the search for a new job. All was set and ready to go and then Matt decided that he really could not see this job being a good long term fit for our family and we did NOT move. This all took place the week before Loral and I were supposed to join Matt in Bentonville. Then the second job search of the year started.....Matt found a job in Searcy working for Bryce Corp. in the Maintenance Department and I found a new position in Little Rock working at St. Vincent for Arkansas Neuroscience Institute. Although it has been a crazy year and many HUGE family decisions being made, we found ourselves in pray a lot more than usual but not to say it has not been needed before. The roller coaster ride our family has been on this year made both of us realize how much we really needed to have a better relationship with Christ. We have attended the same church for the past few years but placed membership in October. There are so many young couples and young families that are involved in the church and they are an encouragement to us. Loral is constantly growing and changing. I have been looking at pictures from last Christmas and New Years and I am amazed at how babyish she still looked then and now she looks like a little girl, not a baby anymore. It makes me sad to realize that my sweet little baby girl is just my sweet little girl now. She is such a blessing to be around and the sweetest thing is our bedtime songs. When our busy day is over and it is just the two of us in her bed or the rocking chair and her sweet voice says "Mommy you sing me song". Her request is usually Blue Skies and Rainybows of which I usually start and then she says "no, let me sing it". The waterworks usually start when she begins to sing, the sweet innocence of her voice and how the words are not just right but they are in the way she hears them when I sing. I love this time of day, it is then that everything else that was a struggle for me that day disappears. Even as I am typing now she just gently sneaks in the chair behind me just to hug on my and lay her head on my shoulders. It is rare to find just sweet innocence in today's world, I hope she never looses it. As this new year starts I can not make any promises about my blogging, I can only say when the mood strikes I will share. I am sure that it will become more of a recipe share just because I seem to be cooking more lately and trying new recipes. I hope that you all whomever you are find the peace that on God can bring in the new year and the Hope of Christ....Happy New Year 2011