Thursday, October 30, 2008

catching up

It has been a while since I last blogged. It is so hard to keep up with everything that I must get done and still have time to do things I want to do. I have the best intentions but they only get you so far. Loral has been a very busy girl! We traveled to Nashville, TN with some other ladies that I work with and their little boys for a workshop Oct. 10th. Matt was able to go with me so I was able to take Loral along. She did really well on the car ride over so I was happy. There were times on the ride back that she got fussy but I could feel her pain. She visited the Parthenon replica and the park with her Daddy while I was in class on Saturday and then the group of us 5 adults and 3 babies went to have dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. We all ate pretty good the kids were all getting pretty sleepy, but still well behaved. Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and had breakfast at the famous “Pancake Pantry”. We arrived shortly after 8:00am and there was a short line, by the time we left around 9:30am there was a line all the way out the door and around the corner down the street. We had a good time and the workshop was very informative.
The following Thursday we flew out to Knoxville, TN for Curtis and Carol’s wedding weekend. It was Loral’s first flight! She did fabulous! I was so proud of her. She slept pretty much the whole time from Little Rock into Memphis and Memphis to Knoxville. We spent the afternoon and evening with the Bridges. Silas has really grown up since we last saw him last November. He is such a big boy now. Matt and Bridges went to hang out with the guys while Erika and I caught up on everything. I have to step back for a second. While in the air we realized that we had forgotten “Mr. T” (Loral’s riding companion) in the car so we were a little panicked. After all Mr. T goes everywhere loral goes. She prefers him over baby Susie. Anyway so before we headed to Townsend Friday afternoon we had to find and Mr.T2 and hope that he would work. Target carried the same looking Mr.T but he was just a little different and she is one smart girl and noticed. She did however let him work until we could get home. Townsend is a small town but this time of year is beautiful with the Smokey Mountains in few at all times and the leaves changing it made for some really pretty pictures. The wedding was very nice and the reception so much fun. Curtis looked extremely happy and Carol made a beautiful bride, we were so glad that we could be there with them. It was Loral’s first time to meet Matt’s Shapter side of the family tree and they fell in love with her at first sight. She was such a trooper through all the events of the weekend and only fussed when tired or hungry. Sunday we met the Bridges Family in Pigeon Forge for lunch and a little shopping then headed back to their house for a quiet afternoon. We took advantage of our extremely talented photographer friend and had him take some pictures of Loral at the same time showing us how to work our new camera. My only regret is that we didn’t get any pictures of Silas and Loral together, maybe next time. We had an early flight out Monday morning and were ready to get home. Loral did just a great on the return flight; she really made me proud all weekend.
We have been working with her over the last couple months with eating baby food from a spoon. With her being tongue tied it has taken longer. We started with just cereal and she didn’t really get much down at first. Now she has really gotten the hang of it and looks forward to her meals. She is not picky right now which I am grateful for. She loves squash, sweet potatoes, sweet peas and most all of her fruits even prunes. We are just now introducing a little juice and she isn’t so sure about that yet. She is growing so fast and is rolling over more now but only in her crib. She will sit-up for a few seconds on her own and loves to jump in her entertainment center. She also loves watching little Einstein’s and Bee-bo her baby signs movie. She makes the funniest noises, sometime she sounds like a prehistoric animal. She loves to laugh and laughs so much at herself. She is just really starting to get the dogs and loves to watch the big dogs (Diggs & Erika) walk around. Diggs now likes to try and give Loral kisses which doesn’t bother her but grosses me out so we try hard to keep it from happening. Loral is such a joy and we are so blessed to be her parents. I love sharing her new adventures with our friends and family and I know that she brings joy and love to their lives as well. We are celebrating her first Halloween tomorrow so hopefully over the weekend I can post a new slide show of pictures from the last month or so.

I am finally getting a chance to update some picture. The ones from play day are from early September and the ones of her in her monkey costume are from our recent trip to Knoxville, which I will write about soon. Thanks Uncle B for taking such great shots.....more to come soon!