Sunday, February 22, 2009

March is almost here

It is now Feb 22nd and the first 2 months of this year have flown by. Loral will be 9 months on Saturday. She has 2 teeth and a 3rd on the way and is crawling everywhere, she even pulls herself up on the couch. Since I started working nights I have had so much more time with her. I was unsure at first if I had made the right decision for our family but things really seem to be working for us now. She sleeps much better at night now and usually wakes herself up around the time Matt gets ready to go and get her. She still wakes up most mornings in a great mood and excited to see us. She loves eggs and that has now become a staple in her morning routine. She is also eating lima beans, black eye peas, green beans, green peas, cheerios, graham crackers, diced peaches and oranges. She had her first grill cheese sandwich today and loved it. If it can be diced small enough for her she will pretty much try it and most of the time likes it. I think she is growing tired of carrots so we are giving them a break for a week or so. I did find some organic frozen sweet potatos and butternut squash that she likes, we are lucky that she is enjoying the new veggies it makes the dinner selection much better and hopefully she will continue to like her veggies as she continues to grow. One of her friend's Josue turned 1 last week so she is going to his birthday party this afternoon. We still have playdates when we can not everyone's schedule is open on the same day so JT and Brandie were over a few weeks ago and Abby and Rebecca came to play yesterday. It is so funny watching them play and interact with each other. It does seem to take them just a little bit to warm up and then they are all into each other and playing with the toys. Loral does like to take toys away from them and it is usually the toys they brought not hers. We recently had to purchase an external hard drive to hold all of our pictures we were storing close to 10,000 pictures on our computer from the past few years. Now that they are switched over the computer is running much smoother, but I can't locate any of the pictures in a hurry. But I did manage to find a few of her crawling hope you enjoy them.