Sunday, December 13, 2009

It is Christmas time at our House

Loral loves singing and has learned many of the hand motions that go to certain songs. We were singing "If your happy and you know it" while taking a few pictures by our tree.

Loral was a pink monster for Halloween and was the most adorable monster ever. She enjoyed seeing her friends dressed up as well. We didn't really trick-or-treat, we did go to a thing at church and then visited the grandparents. That was enough for her.

Checking out her Halloween goodies.

It is so hard to believe that it is Christmas again. It seems like we were just celebrating. Although when I look at Loral and see all that she is doing these days I realize how much has changed since last Christmas. We have had a disaster at our house and hope that it will be fixed soon. Our external hard drive that we purchased to keep all our pictures and videos on is not working. So for now we have lost all the pictures we have taken over the past several years and all the video we have of Loral from last Christmas to now. It has been hard to deal with, I understand now what fire victims feel like when they loose all their pictures and videos. It is awful!

On another note Loral is growing and changing constantly. She repeats just about anything that is said to her. We started working on potty or pobby training as Loral calls it. She is very excited about all the christmas lights and enjoys rearranging all the presents under the tree. Christmas morning is going to be so much fun at our house this year. We have had an Elf around our house and Loral looks for him in his previous location and then calls for "Els". It is really cute the way she has picked up on different things. If you ask her what Santa says she replies "Ho Ho Ho Christmas" So sweet.

Hope the season is finding you all well.....